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Genuine JBH

Sep 20, 2021

Finally, this much requested Twenty Something sits down long enough to get a very entertaining episode recorded.  Drake Hook, son of the Genuine JBH podcast founder Brad Hook, discusses his first 22 years and how he has quickly risen up the ranks of his livelihood and passion in life, show pig production.  A fun and...

Sep 13, 2021

If you're a fan of straight forward, not leave you guessing conversation about the livestock world we live in,  this is an episode must listen.  Matt Hueber of Hueber Feeds LLC and JBH reminisce about some extremely entertaining times in their lives of trading show cattle and a candid look inside the livestock...

Sep 6, 2021

Yet another awesome Genuine Legends episode about a man with an incredible life story.  Although Dr. Farnum has a veterinary science degree, you will hear how he listened to his passion and went a completely different direction than one might assume this 59 year old farm boy would end up, with a very dramatic...

Aug 30, 2021

I felt the timing was perfect to air a much requested episode about my life inside the picture pen.  Meant both to educate and be entertaining, I hope my listeners will enjoy these much requested tips and tricks that I have learned over my three decades as a livestock photographer.

Aug 23, 2021

Rosie is back!  It's been a while since we last heard from the Genuine JBH's favorite character, 86 year old Rose Marie Hook (JBH's Mom). We step back into the mid 1950's and discuss what the life of a young married farm couple living in the midwest entailed.  A very enjoyable, relaxing listen.