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Genuine JBH

Mar 29, 2022

This episode is truly like none other that has aired on the Genuine JBH. Kellen Lawson is an Indiana high school senior that was on his way to buy some show pigs at a Friday night sale just a few short miles from his house.  Little did he know just how much his life was about to change on the drive to that sale.  Parts...

Mar 25, 2022

Episode 9 of the growingly popular Livestock Photography Friday series addresses something that anyone trying to take a useable picture of livestock needs to listen to.  Many tips and tricks executed in the picture pen are discussed in this episode.  

Mar 23, 2022

What a cutting edge and futuristic 3rd episode of the HOOK & REAL.  EmGenisys founder Cara Wells, PhD discusses in great detail her vision and accomplishments in determining embryo health through the analysis of 30 second video clips gathered by technicians directly after collection.  This amazing research, nearing...

Mar 21, 2022

Let me WARN you....the title of this episode is certainly deceiving.  This will be one of the MOST ENTERTAINING stories ever told on the Genuine JBH about an event at a major livestock show that was caught on a 2 second video and went VIRAL.  The whole cast of characters surrounding the "kick felt around the world" is...

Mar 18, 2022

This episode takes you inside the picture pen and discusses the different techniques used in getting the animal to travel the exact path to maximize the sunlight as it shines on the hair. A very entertaining topic.